We live on an awe striking planet, which we share with an abundance of amazing animals, landscapes, people, their ideas and creativity. Over my years I’ve been absorbing everything this world has to offer, and have now reached a place where I’m wanting to share what I’ve seen.

Blogs are such a fascinating thing, They allow their writers the opportunity of public self expression, without means of finance, education or social experience. On the flip side, they allow their readers the opportunity to discover new concepts, social circles, recipes, instructional manuals, among countless other things, breaking down many social, financial, political and religious borders that would otherwise separate us from each others ideas. We live on a planet that feels more intimately connected on a larger scale now, than ever before (at least in our “recorded history”), and that interconnectedness is important, because it’s the first step to understanding those that we would normally be in conflict with.

This connectedness is what has inspired me to write and share and post. The words, images and sounds in the posts to follow are all extensions of the world through my eyes, so I hope it paints a lovely picture and provides some entertainment along the way.

Enjoy with loads of love,



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