How connected am I?

It has been a while since my last post. I had been going through a patch in life that I can only refer to as “walking through mud.” Everything felt slow and arduous like I wasn’t getting anywhere at all. I really needed to reconnect myself, but to what exactly.

As someone who is comfortable speaking very candidly on the topic of Spirituality and Philosophy, I’m often asked what “God” means to me. For those not wishing to do much reading today, here’s my short definition.

“God is the interconnectedness of all things.”

Now, I’m not referring to God as the omnipotent being playing puppetmaster to the relationships between things, I’m simply referring to the way that we are connected with each other and every living and non living thing on the planet. At this point I’m going to suggest to people that keep reading that you may wish to drop your definition of God for a few minutes of you keep reading.

This leads me to my next statement.

Everything you do and how you do it, matters.

If we are all connected on this planet then obviously the decisions we make must have an impact somewhere else. Synchronicity is a beautiful thing but in order for things to be in synchronization, then we have to each play our roles assigned to us. How do we know what our role is? It is the thin that tugs at our heart strings nor matter how little or large.

How many of you have walked past a piece of garbage on the ground, only to look at it and say, “ugh what a planet full of disgusting pigs we live on,” as you shuffle past. Ever stopped to consider that maybe YOU noticed that piece of trash because YOU could have done something about it?
Lands hard when it hits right? It’s not pleasant to think of oneself as someone who would rather piss and moan than actively DO something to proactively fix the problem. Good news is once the realization sets in, it cannot be undone. You’ll forever be picking up trash off the sidewalks, haha.
This concept isn’t limited to small acts. Think larger, in terms of protests. Years ago, I used to attend peace marches, as I felt it was my duty as a citizen of the planet. As I said above, we each have a duty to better our planet, but I soon realized that a peace march wasn’t it. It all seemed so misguided. There was more anger expressed in that mass of people than love. Hate for politicians, hate for the military, hate for the religious right, hate. Imagine the ridiculousness in people rallying together to protest people littering. Signs marching up an down the street calling litterbugs “filthy pigs” and “banes to society and the environment.” Rather than simply working together happily to clean the planet. The only way to connect the disconnected is to be connected to them.
Imagine a peace rally where the word war was never brought up, where we aren’t shown pictures of war crimes but rather we celebrate peace with one another. My ideal peace rally would invoke loud music and people dancing and singing and enjoying one another’s company with hugs and high fives. Lead by example, even if it’s on an individual level.

Now how does one feel connected and impactful on an individual level? It’s all a matter of how we perceive ourselves. If God is the interconnectedness of all things, then that would make us God. If we’re God than why aren’t we treating ourselves as such, let alone how we treat each others. It like when you’re on a plane, what’s the first rule when the oxygen masks drop down? Put yours on first. Same goes with life. How can someone be expected to care for the earth and life on it if people aren’t caring for themselves. How we treat ourselves is usually a mirror for how we are going to treat others.

By treating yourself, I’m referring to how you talk about yourself, how you relax, things that EXCITE you. If you understand how it feels to be God then you will understand how to treat the rest of the world the same way. Sometimes this looks like shopping with some friends, a nice brunch, a vacation on a beach or my personal favorite, going for a drive for a few hours with the windows down and the music up.

One of the best quotes I heard, is from Carolyn Myss and she said:

You have to do one action on behalf of the whole, and one for the self…….You are an active participant.

Consider this the next time you treat yourself to that shopping spree, that swanky dinner, that new tv. What could you then do to pay your joy forward?

I was at a workshop once, listening to Wayne Dyer deliver a talk on a few fascinating topics, but there was something he talked about that resonated deeply with me. That was that the most profound two words in the English language are “I AM”

This, of course is because of all the things listed above. Imagine my joy to recently come across a movie titled “I AM.” A documentary written by the same gentleman who also directed movies like Ace Ventura, Liar liar and Evan Almighty. He went on a journey talking to people well known in the environmental, social, scientific and spiritual communities to ask the question, “What’s wrong with the world an how can we fix it?” and he ends up discovering everything that is right with the world instead, and the important role we all play. The movie can also be streamed right off of YouTube in 3 parts and I will link it at he end of this post, however I do encourage people to head to the movie website and support its vision. I AM Documentary

Kinda feels like I’ve put a lot on your plate? Well we aren’t expected to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders either. It’s impossible to solve any problem from a place of guilt or anger or any other negative emotion.

In the upcoming posts I’ll be talking about seven different roots to most of our problems at an individual level, how they look in our lives and how to make them points of growth. It’s important to understand why we do things and how to grow from them, it gives us a basis for learning and understanding not only of ourselves but the actions of others too.

Until then, live well, take care of yourselves and take care o each other. Oh, and check out the movie I mentioned.

Much love,