You know, the deadly ones

In my last post I made reference to seven elements evident in our lives that define the world we live in. Those of you that know the bible or Kevin Spacey filmography are probably familiar with the things I’m talking about.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, I’m no more a Christian than I am a Buddhist, but more than that, I’m someone who has a deep passion to understand who we are how the things we do affect the world around us. I find a lot of knowledge in ancient wisdom, and feel that it is that wisdom that has been disconnected from us as a whole for some time and is only now resurgent.

The seven deadly sins are such teachings, because they help to illustrate decisions we make that stem from negative emotions. My goal is to break them down and show how these seven things show up in day to day life in the smallest and largest of issues and maybe allow space to let in a different headspace.

Those of you that know the bible also know that the catholic church has 7 counteractive virtues to combat these urges, but I shy away from them due to the fact that the “sins” come from an emotional place and the virtues imply action to counter them. I’m a firm believer that emotion cannot be countered by action because then the emotions become internalized and return later on stronger than before.

This process of countering emotion with action is a big reason why we see such a huge disconnect between some people who are avid religious followers and their actions that might contradict the teachings they follow.

Example – The catholic church teaches that we should avoid lustful behavior, but instead of teaching it from the standpoint of respecting others and not dehumanizing them to the point of thinking of them as an object of sexual pleasure, the church simply teaches “no sex until marriage.” which is an umbrella rule that implies action (or lack of it) as a cure for emotions. Then we have teen moms and pedophile priests, and people seem surprised.

People seem outraged by the state of the planet, flabbergasted that injustices, poverty and ecological devastation are happening, yet many of those that are outraged don’t make the effort to change their own perceptions because they think that the problems of the world are separate from them.

I’ll let you in on two secrets:
1) Everything you DO and THINK matters.
2) You can’t keep doing an thinking the same things and get different results.

The posts (or maybe it’ll simply be one) that follow, are meant to break down some of that emotional detachment and allow one to take ownership of what they think. These “sins” are great representatives of that emotional detachment.

Until then much love,