You Know You Best

Happy 2013 everybody. It’s been a long while since I’ve written anything as the last 6 months of my life have been spent growing, exploring, settling, hibernating from the world and of course having fun. As the holiday season ended, so did this little part of my cycle and with it brings a newfound zest for life, health and expression.

This is a time of year that typically brings Resolutions. Promises we make to ourselves and friends to start a new year on a new leaf. I have never been a fan of the term “resolution” and prefer to use the term “commitment.” 2012 was a big year for me, a year of change, growth and appreciation. People I had spent years building relationships with are now no longer actively part of my life, and experiences have shown up to allow me an opportunity to better identify and appreciate the things that I want to surround myself with on a daily basis. I have a man in my life that means the world to me. I discovered that I am going to be a first time Uncle this year!!! All this learning and growth and all the things I have to look forward to in 2013 are the things that have inspired the lifestyle commitments I now am working on

As part of my self commitments of course are the usual “active living” and “healthier eating” show up. I mean the holidays can definately be a time of over indulgence and it feels great to get my body back to feeling like a temple. Of course there are also small day to day ones regarding how I choose to conduct myself in conversation and interactions with friends, at work or at home. Making sure I am present, attentive, open and supportive of those i am spending those moments with or the task I am spending time on.

All this being said, the biggest commitments I have for myself are the commitments of ME. There are a few things I know about myself:

1) I am going to Travel the globe, seeking adventure while all my basic needs and comfort levels are met, with great company and to be able to share these experiences……which brings me to…..

2) I love to express myself verbally and on paper. I am going to write more often as well as find and use a medium that allows me to talk (radio) or be on camera (web blog?) or both 🙂

3) I love music. Love isn’t even the right word for it. Music is just PART of my life. I also love to share my knowledge of music with the world. This is one thing I am committed to doing more in the new year, via public playlists or radio or whatever way shows itself to be the best. On top of this I am also committed to learning, practicing and expressing myself through my own music, not just the music of others.

4) Culture, spirituality, food and art are things that fascinate and inspire me on a regular basis. Why people do what they do and how those traditions are important. How beliefs and practices can shape a spirit. How something that simply provides sustainance can be so sensory filled in many other ways. How people have so much to express in the world that could never possibly be put into words. These are the languages of life

5) I see life as one gigantic classroom and I love to share the lessons that it teaches me.

On top of this, of course are my commitments to continuously lead a healthy, active, exciting, passionate, empowered, influential life filled only with relationships and experiences that do the same, are the most important because they are what make the journey.

I could easily write all of this down privately, but upon knowing myself, I know that I do express myself best when I’m expressing myself publicly. It’s when I am most honest with myself and say all the things that I am really feeling. I also share this because I feel like it is important to understand oneself, your passions and what you do well (sometimes they go hand in hand.) These are all examples of things I know about myself and they are all things I know I wish to expand upon the most. I may not know exactly what that looks like as an end result but I do know that I have to start with what I know.

That is one of the most profound takeaways for me from this whole process. I have come a long way in my life and have had many experiences, but instead of feeling like I’m walking through the mud towards where I want to be, I am able to identify what it is I like to do, what it is I’m good at doing and remain open to how it shows up for me in life. That way when I am moving towards something, it may not be a direct route, but at least I’m enjoying the journey.

It’s been an interesting morning too, I’ve written these thoughts and been sitting with them for a while waffling in the “to post or not to post” stage after writing, worried that my ideas aren’t flowing making this an uninteresting read. As life tends to do I end up reading just the right thing before posting this and so I’m going to share it with you.

This is something shared by an aquaintence (and a bit of a Spiritual Mentor) of mine, Chris Grosso, when he was interviewed about his writings recently:

If you want to be a worthwhile writer, be willing to get raw, vulnerable and authentic. Fuck writing for praise, acknowledgement or any other self gratifying reason… write because you have no other choice but to write! Write because it’s demanded of you by something far greater than your own self. Write as if you were on your deathbed and it was the last thing you’re going to leave this world with. I mean, you never know, right? -Chris Grosso

On that note, i have a few more notes for you. I always like to accompany a string of thoughts with some music to tie it all together and this particular video has been stuck in my mind for some time.

Enjoy & much love.