Hoo is Drew?

When asked to describe myself, and how I write/share, i was ironically feeling a bit of a block, until inspiration struck. “Ask your friends how they would describe you.” The responses I got surged with beautiful honoring words that put a HUGE smile on my face (even the sarcastic entry halfway down).

So in this blog i write and share how I see the world, through my eyes and what follows is how the people in my life see me through their eyes!

Enjoy! I sure did (and not just because I’m a Leo, haha)

“Drew is an enthusiastic life learner, supportive of others and their pursuit of their dreams and highest potentials, and is super FUN!!” -Laurie S

“Drew is a genuine talent with people in so many ways: his listening skills above average, he cares and finds joy in watching others learn and grow in their Ah-ha moments, his enthusiasm is contagious, he is playful and fun and an extraordinary insight at exactly the right moments. He is intelligent and friendly and personable. He is wise beyond his years, and unique in his expression both verbally and personally. He is open to ideas and learning new ways of thinking or seeing things. He loves me and I’m so uber happy about that I could pee myself.” – Jessica K

“Open-minded, open-armed, genuine, accepting, introspective, always on a journey of learning, discovery and growth, caring enough about all people to share what he’s learned along the way, embodying the positivity that he wants to see in others.” – Ria P

“self righteous, over bearing, egotistical, talks too much, thinks he’s funny, often annoying, narcissist. plain….and…simple.” – Jeremy M

“Drew uses his ears to listen, his heart to care, and his mouth to speak, often in that order (but not always). He’s got an intelligent mind full to the brim with knowledge and insight but with plenty of room left to spare for experiences and learning. He enjoys what he has in life, something a lot of us forget to do. He’s got the wisdom of an old man and the imagination of a child but has no problem mixing those two up. Perfectly flawed, just like everyone else and yet unlike anyone will ever be.” – Michael D

“I have personally known Andrew since we were 5 years old. He was always there for me for good laughs. We went on adventures together more as we got older. Others know him as Drew, but to me he will always be Andrew, the kid who ripped open the back of his pants to show off his Batman underwear. Andrew understands others and actually takes time to know everyone’s quirks; my quirks is that he gets my weird comments and he WILL laugh, because he gets it. Drew looks at the bright side of things, even in a terrible situation, because there is no point in being depressed about things for far too long. And he is the only one who actually enjoyed my Cadbury mini eggs cake.” – Michelle H


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